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Call 061 414102 mobile 087 960 2357 to order from the William Street, Limerick branch

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T-Bone Steak (view)      
Sirloin Steak      
Minced Steak (view)      
Housekeeper's Cut Roast Beef      
Round Steak Mince (view)      
Cured Ox Tongue      
Fresh Ox Tongue (view)      
Beef Stirfry (view)      
Ox Liver      
Ox Kidneys      
Prize Winning Spiced Beef*      
Beef Anglais      
Side of Beef for Deep Freeze      
Hind Quarter of Beef for Deep Freeze      
Fore Quarter of Beef for Deep Freeze      
Silverside Corned Beef (view)      
Rib of Beef on the Bone      
Shin Beef      
Fillet Steak*      
Angus Striploin Steak (view)      
Round Steak (view)      
Diced Round Steak      
Tenderloin / Striploin Roast      
Rib Eye Steak      
Minute Steak      
Stewing Beef      
Whole Fillet of Beef      
Short Beef Ribs      
Prime Irish Rib Steak (view)      
Diced Beef (view)      
Roast Leg of Burren Lamb (view)      
Fillet of Lamb      
Rack of Lamb (view)      
Lamb Loin Chops      
Lamb Mince      
Lamb Liver (view)      
Lamb Kidneys      
Full Lamb for Deep Freeze      
Diced Leg of Lamb      
Lamb Cutlets      
Gigot Lamb Steak (view)      
Half Leg of Lamb*      
Centreloin Lamb Chops (view)      
Lamb Shank (view)      
Butterfly Leg of Lamb      
Diced Lamb (view)      
Lamb Kebabs*      
Pork Loin Chops (view)      
Roast Loin of Pork (view)      
Leg of Pork      
Pork Shoulder      
Barbecue Ribs (view)      
Pork Skirts (view)      
Pork Mince      
Pork Liver      
Pork Kidneys (view)      
Fresh Pork Steak      
Pork Belly      
Baby Rack Ribs      
Diced Pork      
Spicy Pork Chops (view)      
Gigot Pork Chops (view)      
Whole Chicken (1800g) (view)      
Farmfresh Chicken (1800g)      
Chicken Fillets (view)      
Breast of Chicken on the Bone      
Large Chicken Legs (view)      
Chicken Stirfry (view)      
Stuffed Chicken Breast      
Chicken Kebabs      
Boned and Rolled Stuffed Chicken (view)      
Boned and Rolled Turkey (view)      
Chicken Liver      
Chicken Goujons (view)      
Large Chicken Maryland on the Bone (view)      
Farmfresh Turkey*      
Farmfresh Goose*      
Farmfresh Duck*      
Fresh Duck Breast (view)      
Spicy Chicken Portions (view)      
Diced Chicken      
Large Stuffed Chicken      
Medium Stuffed Chicken      
Duck Fillets      
Bread Stuffing (view)      
Bacon & Hams
Half Ham (view)      
Full Ham*      
Backed Bacon*      
Bacon Ribs (view)      
Green Oyster Joint (view)      
Home Cured Back Bacon (view)      
Oak Park Rashers (view)      
Smoked Streaky Rashers*      
Smoked Back Rashers*      
Green Streaky Rashers*      
Green Back Rashers*      
Green Bacon Ribs*      
Green Bacon Steak*      
Smoked Bacon Steak*      
Green Streaky Bacon*      
Green Back Bacon*      
Smoked Loin Bacon*      
Boneless Green Ham*      
Streaky Bacon (view)      
Wild Duck (Seasonal)*      
Fresh Grouse (Seasonal)*      
Fresh Pheasant (Seasonal)*      
Fresh Rabbit (view)      
Fresh Wild Venison*      
Sausages & Burgers
Pork & Leek Sausages (view)      
Garlic Sausages (view)      
Traditional Old Style Pork Sausages* (view)      
Breakfast Sausages*      
Cocktail Sausages*      
Barbecue Sausages      
Beef Sausages      
Black Pudding (view)      
White Pudding (view)      
Round Steak Burgers (view)      
Mexican Burgers (view)      
Lamb Burgers      
Pork Burgers      
Meat Balls (view)      
Lamb Steaklets (view)      
Beef Steaklets (view)      
Fresh Wild Venison Burgers (view)      
Cold Meats
Cooked Hams to Order on the Bone*      
Xmas Cooked Turkey on the Bone (Seasonal)*      
Cooked Ham*      
Cooked Gammon on the Bone*      
Limerick Brawn* (view)      
Cooked Corned Beef*      
Specialties: Limerick Dish
Packet & Tripe (view)      
Breast Bones      
Pig Tails (view)      
Pigs Toes      
Half Pigs Head      

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Michael O'Loughlin Butchers

6 Upper William Street
Co Limerick
Tel 061 414102

087 960 2357

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Award Winning Quality Butcher with over 22 years of experience right in the heart of Limerick City.

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